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Neighborhood watch

We offer the Neighborhood Watch program to all our residents. We will assist you in starting and maintaining the program in order to help insure your success.

Crime or the fear of crime provides the impetus for residents to become better informed on how to protect themselves and their property. Getting back to the old abage of being our"brother's keepers", means neighbors watching out for other neighbors. Neighbors are asked to be the eyes and ears in helping the police in apprehending criminals. Crime watch is not designed to substitute for police protection. Rather it is an extension or supplement in assisting the police in making neighborhoods safer for all residents. 

Neighborhood Watch operates under two principles. When neighbors get to know and watch out for each other, they watch out for each other's property as though it was their own. Second, Neighborhood Watch helps to create an identity within the neighborhood, which in turn fosters sense of pride, and belonging for the participants. The participants make their neighborhood a safer place to live by adopting a more observant and active attitude and, as a result, become more aware of strange cars, persons, or circumstances. This will not take a lot of time and soon will develop into a daily habit of becoming more aware of what is going on in the neighborhood.

Operation ID

We offer for loan, free of charge engraving tools to place the identification numbers of your choice on your valuable. Simply come to the Police Department and check them out, use them and return them in a timely manner for the next person to use.

Drive Thru Report Returns

Our drive thru window is staffed for your convenience in picking up your reports. You may remain in your vehicle under a canopy so as to avoid the weather. Simply have the required information ready such as, name, location, date and type of report and you will be on your way in minutes.

Prescription Drug Drop Off

We offer a twenty-four hour service for disposing of your unwanted prescription narcotics. This is located in the drive thru of our Police Department as well. Simply pull up and deposit the prescriptions in the appropriately marked deposit. They will be disposed of per DEA and EPA regulations. This service helped insure over a million dollars street value of prescription narcotics never hit the streets in 2013.

Clandestine Lab Response Team

We operate and staff a fully certified CLRT for the citizens of Montgomery County to neutralize and remove illegal lab sites. Since its inception in 2012 the CLRT has removed over 100 labs from our community. This is a highly complex and dangerous task but it will be completed as quickly as it safely can. If you see a suspicious object and believe it may be a meth lab or product from a meth lab call the Montgomery County 911 Center at (859)498-8720.