Deputy Marshal John Gill

End of Watch:Tuesday, February 24, 1885      Age: N/A     Tour of Duty: N/A           Badge Number: Not available             End of Watch: Tuesday, February 24, 1885      Cause of Death: Gunfire     Date of Incident: Tuesday, February 24, 1885          Weapon Used: Gun; Unknown type Suspect Info: Sentenced to 21 years

Deputy Marshal John Gill was shot and killed while assisting another deputy marshal arrest a drunk and disorderly man. They had taken the man into custody and were taking him to jail when they were approached by the town marshal of Farmers, Kentucky. The other town marshal leveled his pistol at the officers and ordered them to release the prisoner. The officer complied and the subjects then headed toward the depot. A posse was formed and converged at the depot to recover the prisoner and to take the other town marshal into custody. When the posse arrived at the depot the man opened fire, killing Deputy Marshal Gill and wounding another man before he was subdued. The Farmers town marshal had forcibly abducted a girl the previous night and she was found at the depot and returned to her father. The town marshal was sentenced to 21 years in prison for Deputy Marshal Gill's murder. In 1893 the Kentucky governor rejected a request to pardon the man.

                                               Marshal James Lewis Young
End of Watch:  Wednesday, November 20, 1878       Age: 41         Tour of Duty: 4 years       Badge Number: N/A    Cause of Death: Gunfire       Date of Incident: Monday, Nov.18, 1878      Weapon Used: Gun: Revolver     Suspect Info: Not available    

Marshal Young succumbed to gunshot wounds sustained when attempting to effect an arrest on disorderly subjects. A twenty minute gun battle ensued in which marshal young and two other individuals were killed and two wounded. Marshal Young was a civil war veteran who had been with the agency for four years and was survived by his wife.



Mt. Sterling Police Department

 Three law enforcement officers have been killed in the line of duty while
                                       serving the City of Mount Sterling

Mount Sterling, Kentucky was settled in 1792 by Hugh Forbes, a Scotsman who held a land grant near an ancient tribal burial site known as "Little Mountain." In picking a name for the growing settlement, Forbes combined the name of the mound with Stirling, a town in his native Scotland. The Mount Sterling Police Department originally started operations in 1792 as a Town Marshals Office and became a municipal city police department in July 1894 with the appointment of four city police officers by the city council. At present there are 7,051 city residents but Mount Sterling is a hub community for the surrounding communities and at any given time there are approximately 30,000 persons traveling through our city.

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                               Policeman Charles Evans

End of Watch: Sunday, June 16, 1895   Age: Not available  Tour of   Duty: N/A        Badge Number: N/A            End of Watch: Sunday, June 16, 1895 

Cause of Death: Gunfire      Date of Incident: Saturday, June 15, 1895        Weapon Used: Gun; Unknown type       Suspect Info: Executed in 1895 Policeman Evans was shot and killed as he and another officer investigated a disturbance at a local saloon. The suspect opened fire on both officers as they entered the saloon. The first shot struck the other officer's badge, and glanced off. The second shot struck Policeman Evans in the groin, fatally wounding him. The officers returned fire, wounding the suspect. Policeman Evans succumbed to his wound the following day. The suspect was recovered from his wound. He was convicted of murdering Policeman Evans and was sentenced to death. He was hanged August 16, 1895. Policeman Evans was survived by his wife of 10 days and several stepchildren.


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